Simon Daniel, MA

Simon Daniel, MA

Simon Daniel, MA

Founder & CEO of Moixa Group.

Simon Daniel, MA is Founder & CEO of Moixa Group, which includes Moixa Design (pioneering next generation devices), Moixa Energy Holdings (creators of eco-friendly battery category USBCELL and home energy technology), and other research interests.

Moixa Technology Ltd has developed a range of home energy solutions that provide smart energy monitoring, easy to install microgeneration and storage, and provide efficient power via smart DC Hubs, DC micronets which can re-use household wiring to power home lighting, or provide smart DC sockets for appliances.

Their vision is to change the way we produce and consume electricity in homes. Specifically through focusing on the “Longtail” of energy consumption — using advanced monitoring and control to reduce high load appliance use, and through using smart DC micronets to reduce the inefficiencies of trillions of DC/low power lighting and electronic devices being powered from the grid via AC/DC adaptors.

The systems are designed to ensure rapid behavior change and for rapid installation into mass market to ensure that “No home is left behind” in adoption of low cost renewable energy solutions that can help power devices both off-grid or off-peak, and thereby help with the wider problem of grid peak demand balancing and energy security.

Simon authored Something wonderful, “South Park meets Harvard”, My summer at the Woodstock for technologists, Life after the Singularity, Life returns after travelling through the Singularity.

Simon earned his MA in Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge and is a graduate of Singularity University.


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